Machining & Tooling

  • Machining for precision components, fabrications and tooling
  • Specialising in automation, rail, aviation and motorsport industries
  • Available for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, exotics, plastics and nylons
  • Small, medium and large volumes
  • Fast turnaround, on time and to exacting specifications

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    Some of the projects we've worked on over the years...

    For Harry Burrows’ machining and tooling service, quality is paramount. Our focus on quality is the reason why we’ve been chosen to supply for some of the biggest companies and brand names in the world.

    As part of our comprehensive machining operations, we are guided by CAD and can further produce prototypes for a cost effective and precision service.

    Our machining service is complete in conjunction with tooling fabrication. We can supply robust tooling solutions, such as jigs and fixtures, to customers.

    3D CNC Machining Centres

    Computer numerical controlled machining centres enable our great manufacturing capacity, with 3, 4, and 5 axes available for precision and highly efficient manufacturing of all product types. Small, medium, and high capacities can be achieved on a range of machine bed sizes.

    3D Printing for Production & Prototyping

    3D printing technologies can be utilised to aid production processes and rapid prototyping. Accurate product representations are quickly created and closely followed by expert engineers for the manufacture of the final product.

    CNC Turning

    CNC turning is available for the controlled production of consistent cylindrical products. No matter the complexity of design, Harry Burrows works with our customers to ensure we deliver the results expected.

    CNC Milling

    High quality parts can be achieved with our CNC milling operations, with the ability to create products of all complexities, utilising up to 5 axes.

    CNC Grinding

    Providing the finishing touches to a product, CNC surface grinding can be completed for all metal products, ensuring surfaces are smooth and free of imperfections, or prepared for further finishing operations.

    EDM Wire Erosion & Sparking

    Electro discharge machining is available for parts with particularly complex designs. Offering complete cutting efficiency, particularly on internal cuts, EDM is suitable for all conductive metals.

    Drilling Service

    Harry Burrows provides secondary operations such as drilling for machined products, achieving highly accurate holes with tight tolerance.


    We can provide countersinking, creating a hole in the machined product to help flat-headed screws sit flush to the surface, amongst other applications. Our engineers will work with you to determine the best practices for your product.


    Precision electrochemical machining is available for creating complex shapes from conductive metals for all types of applications, achieving polished surfaces and burr-free cutting edges.



    Mild Steel Armature Made From Box Section Includes Fabrication And Machining

    Harry Burrows utilises the latest welding technologies, combined with highly qualified and certified coded welders. This ensures all projects containing welded parts are constructed to the highest possible quality standards.

    Harry Burrows Fabrications are an established, time-served family business focused on top-quality customer service and delivery of steel fabrication and sheet metal work. Offering a range of services and supply of solutions from bespoke items, to high-volume production.

    We provide coded welding in MIG, TIG and MMA amongst an array of ancillary services including, laser cutting, press brake, sub-assembly and finishing. As well as design consultancy and prototyping we also offer an on-site fitting service, enabling us to design, manufacture and install commissions to our customers’ specifications


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