EN 15085

Harry Burrows’ highly accredited welding department now holds an EN 15085 certification (CL3) for the production of welded rail components.

This accreditation enables us to produce high quality welded components for railway vehicles, components, and subassemblies, offering total peace of mind for our clients within the railway industry as to the production of their welded components.

Harry Burrows always works to high standards, and our status as an EN 15085 certified company upholds this. We are continuously looking to improve our service for our range of clientele and meet industry standards as we do so.

What is EN 15085?

EN 15085 is a welding accreditation specifically created for the production of railway vehicles, components and subassemblies. The certification ensures that the design, production, testing and conforming assessment of welded components are complete to a regulated quality.

EN 15085 Certification Requirements

There are several requirements which must be met in order to gain the EN 15085 certification. The requirements point towards: the systems involved within the complete manufacturing process; the welding inspection and approvals process; and welder performance and welding operator qualifications. For instance, welding coordinators must demonstrate technical expertise in accordance with corresponding standards.

Benefits of EN 15085

Earning the EN 15085 accreditation has many benefits for both the certified company and consumer alike. Benefits of EN 15085 include:

  • An increase in risk management as the quality of welded componentry and management systems are standardised.
  • Compliance improves on an international scale due to international standards.
  • Global trade facilitated by international standards.
  • Customer satisfaction increases as the quality of the product rises.

How is EN 15085 structured?

The EN 15085 standard is structured in 5 parts, all of which must receive a pass for the standard to be granted.

EN 15085 accounts for general standards.

EN 15085-2 refers to quality specifications and certification of the welding operator.

EN 15085-3 refers to the design features of the manufactured part.

EN 15085-4 relates to the production requirements of the welding manufacture.

EN 15085-5 is based on inspection, testing, and documentation.

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