Material Handling

Harry Burrows manufacture material handling equipment – often bespoke items – to suit a wide range of applications. Listed below is a selection of the steel fabrications we have produced to assist customers with their material handling needs.


We manufacture trolleys ranging from small simple designs, to large complex trolleys that carry items such as Jet Engines.


Whether you are looking for prototype or batch production, we cater for both. We can also repair customers’ existing stillages to reduce costs.

Lifting Devices

We can design bespoke lifting devices for our customers when standard off-the-shelf products are not suitable. Our expertise in lifting devices has helped many of our customers overcome Manual Handling Health & Safety issues as well as improving production methods.

Conveyor Systems

Bespoke conveyors to accommodate any situation, from heavy duty to smaller units. Harry Burrows Fabrications can meet any requirements. We can replace existing conveyors or design a new system for you.


Basic pallets can be made to hold an array of parts for different industries. More complicated pallets if required can be manufactured to enable you to minimise handling processes.

Lifting Frames

Lifting frames can be supplied as standard, or we can adapt to suit a specific production process. We would assess the application and then design a lift accordingly that will enable you to work safely and efficiently.


We also supply different types of cages to different industries. Recently we have designed and manufactured a new collapsible cage to house aerosols, which is suitable for warehouse and storage environments to prevent fire spreading.


Made to measure from any material, or to replace existing hoppers.

Mobile Frames

To any design, with castors or wheels to take the SWL required.

Our Customers

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